Top 5 features a garage should have

If you are looking for more than just a place to keep your car, or you use your garage as a workshop or storage space then you should have a think about adding these five features to enhance your garage.

1. Windows – is your garage dark and dull? Adding windows or a skylight will give you some much needed natural light which will open up space.

2. A sink – tracking grime and grease into your home is not a fun task. The ability to wash up will keep you and your garage cleaner.

3. Storage, storage, storage – your garage is the ideal place to store all of your tools and items. You can never have enough storage. Extra storage will ensure your garage is kept clean and clutter free. Storage will also save you time looking for those misplaced tools.

4. Workbench – it’s a good idea to make it fully functional. You can also add electrical outlets for all of your favourite power tools.

5. Security – this one is a must, you’ve invested money in all of your cars, tools and gadgets, so don’t forget to protect it.