How to paint your garage door

Giving your garage door a fresh coat of paint will keep your homes exterior looking clean and tidy. Most garage doors can be painted if you are reasonably good at DIY but before painting, you need to consider what material your garage door is.

Step 1 – choose the right paint suitable for your door’s material, there are specific door materials. It is also wise to prime your door before painting – some paints come as a 2 in 1

Step 2 – clean the doors – a sugar soap solution will work perfectly

Step 3 – remove handles or cover

Step 4 – sand and prep – for metal doors you may need a wire brush. For wood – sandpaper

Step 5 – prime – skip this step if using 2 in 1 paint

Step 6 – paint – use a large brush for most only using a small one for edges. Paint from top to bottom

Now leave to dry. Your door may require a couple of coats, ensure each coat is properly dry before applying the next coat.