Other than storing your vehicle, what else can a garage be used for?

If you’re using your garage literally to store your car, then sure it’s not overly exciting – but if you think about all the other things you can do with it, then it becomes much more. Other than storing your vehicle, what else can a garage be used for? Here we will look at some of those more creative uses.

Parking Your Vehicles

Of course parking a car is still the first and foremost use that most people will have a garage for and this is a highly useful way to keep your car safe from potential thieves as well as keeping it out of the elements. At the same time, by parking your car in a garage, you can save yourself money on your insurance and you can make it more pleasant to get to your car in the rain. The garage can also double up as a place to keep a bicycle or motorcycle and on top of this, it’s also instrumental as a workshop. Note of course that just because you use your garage for your car, that doesn’t mean you can’t save some space for another use as well. Typically, when used as a traditional garage, many people opt for side hinged doors or up and over doors, but trends have shifted recently and we’re now seeing many more types such as roller and sectional doors.


A garage is a perfect location for a home gym. Not only is it separate from the house meaning you can make as much noise as you want and create a lot of sweat, but it’s also an ample open space meaning you can fit all your various equipment in there. And as this is your space, why not get a bit more adventurous with your gym and include some frames for pull-ups and dips or a kettlebell or two?


Yes, a garage can be a car workshop, but it can also be several other kinds of a workshop. For instance, if you have some hobby or pastime that you enjoy, but that creates the mess, then why not use your garage for this? Whether it’s woodwork, whether it’s the potter, or whether it’s metallurgy.


A garage can be used to store all kinds of things from your kids’ drawings to your old paintings and ornaments you don’t have space for. By keeping them in the garage you know they’ll be safe, but your rooms will look nicer at the same time.

Man Cave

Every guy wants a space that he can call his own where he can relax and watch TV or where he can entertain friends with a few drinks. This is something you can easily convert your garage into, and there are a lot of ways you can make this into space where you’ll want to spend time.


There’s no reason you can’t also turn a garage into a study where you can go to work and this has the absolute advantage of being away from the rest of the home and thus any distractions.