Spring clean your garage

The task of giving your garage a good deep clean can be very overwhelming. Usually, garages tend to get cluttered and filled with many objects over time meaning it can become a hoarder’s dream, so if this sounds like your garage how do you give it a well needed clear out?

Step 1 – make a plan – book a date to do it in your calendar to give yourself time to prepare for this big task.

Step 2 – ask for help – if you can call in some friends or family members to help you complete the task then do so. Two pairs of hands are better than one. Assign specific tasks to each helping hand.

Step 3 – empty and declutter – get everything out, bin, sell, or donate what you don’t need or anything that’s broken.

Step 4 – air it out

Step 5 – wipe it down and sweep it out

Step 6 – hose it down

Step 7 – put everything back in