How to prevent a garage burglary

A garage burglary can happen to anyone, aside from cars more and more people are storing expensive tools and equipment in their garages meaning they are a prime target for petty thieves. We have listed some things you can do to prevent a garage burglary.

1. Install CCTV – installing a security camera system is one of the most effective ways to deter criminals. Security cameras are a visual deterrence to most thieves.

2. Install motion detectors – you can purchase motion sensor systems that are placed above your garage door, they will alarm when they detect motion. Place motion detectors above any garage windows as these are often targeted.

3. Garage door – ensure that your garage door is working efficiently and as it should be. An old or worn-out garage door may be easier to break into. Also, ensure that your locking system is working for your door and all of your windows are locked.