Common Culprits of a Leaky Garage Door

If water is getting through your garage door, it is a terrible idea to just ignore it. Dampness in your garage will cause mould, mildew and could damage items you have stored. The most common reasons there may be a leak coming from the garage door is the seals may be worn or you may have a drainage problem.

Take stock of the situation during some particularly wet weather and ascertain the problem. Check around the garage door to see if there is any evidence of a drainage issue. If not, examine the seals on the top and bottom edges to look for cracks or degradation. If so, this is most likely the issue. The simplest solution is replacing the seals.

If after replacing the seal, or if the garage door is new, you may be experiencing leakage due to a lack of water drainage. It should be apparent if water is collecting at your garage door during a storm or if the door itself is covered in dirt and grime around the bottom, from a recent storm. If this is the case, the best thing to do is get a drainage system installed by a professional.