Why detached garages have a higher risk of break-ins

Detached garages are often made from materials such as brick, breezeblocks or concrete panels, and though the structure itself is quite secure, the openings aren’t always.

Some detached garages will have numerous openings such as a pedestrian door as well as the main door for the vehicle, and of course there can at times be windows too. So this is where there can be problems for detached garages. They’re quite away from the house at times too, so they’re not always being watched, so immediately there is more of an opportunity there for burglars. Then of course, the doors and windows themselves need to be extremely secure, but alarms, CCTV and sensors are of course recommended, as are outside lights. If you have a detached garage and are concerned about its security, then do not wait out Christmas; get it fitted with all the security systems before it’s too late.