Looking After Your Garage Door Rollers

Do you feel that you pay enough attention to the condition and regular maintenance of your garage door? To maintain the security and longevity of your garage door, it is important to consider the regular maintenance jobs you should be performing, especially for the rollers that are essential for garage door operation. Some indicators of developing issues with your garage door could be hearing a grating or scraping sound when you open it, or you may experience some resistance or jerkiness for electric doors. If the door is maintained, it should be relatively quiet and smooth in operation.

Ensuring the door rollers are checked at least twice a year can help keep the door in good shape. Rollers should be replaced every five to seven years. Ensuring that you keep the track of the rollers clean can reduce the chances of damage to the rollers, however they do still wear out over time, due to normal usage. You should be sure to check the track for rust or debris and replace any rollers that show chipping or cracking. Keeping on top of regular inspection and maintenance can keep your garage door rollers in tip-top shape.