Choosing a colour for your garage door

If you feel your homes exterior is in need to a makeover, have you considered changing the colour of your garage door? Garage doors that have faded over the years can really make your home look a lot more ‘run down’ than it actually is. A simple ‘lick of paint’ may be all you need to revamp your home back to life.

What colour is best for your garage door?

Garage doors can be painted in a variety of colours, depending on your style. It is recommended that you select a colour that possibly matches your front door, or even your window frame colours. If you are looking to stand out from your neighbours and opt for a bold colour that is eye catching and attractive. When it comes to choosing a colour you must consider the other colours of your house, such as the roof tiles, brick colour and surrounding trees or plants, as the colour you select may clash with these.

How do I prepare my garage door for painting?

You should clean all areas of your door, making it free from drain and grime. Each area must be cleaned thoroughly, with each ridge and section wiped separately. You should leave the door to air dry, once completely dry, lay down your splash sheets and get painting.