Choosing between a manual or electrically operated garage door

Selecting a new garage for your home is more complex than your think, with the choice of material, design, colour and of course its mechanism. There a many positives and negatives for a manual and for an electrically operated garage door, so that’s why we have outlined a few pointers to make it a little bit easier for you.

Manual- Many homeowners opt for manual as they like to have physical control of the garage door. These doors are very low maintenance as they really only need their runners cleaned now and again and require no electrical maintenance. Manual garage doors are easier and cheaper to install, so are great for those on a tight budget. Manual garage doors can always be upgraded later on down the line if you want to change them to an electrically operated garage door.

Electric- There is no need to get in and out of your car to simply park it in the garage as the door opens and closes at the touch of a button. It is said that electric garage doors are more safe than manual ones, however there is a risk of problems if a power cut occurs.

Reasons sectional doors aren’t right for you

Sectional garage doors are not exactly new, but they have been developed drastically and are still viewed as relatively modern, especially when compared to up and over garage doors. That said, not every garage is a perfect fit for sectional garage doors and there is one big reason for this.


Without the right space above the door, there may not be enough room for the sectional panels to fold up, and this is especially true in garages that already make use of headroom, perhaps storing tools, bikes and ladders. If you want a door that uses less space above, a roller shutter, a round the corner door or an up and over door will be better suited, and these all come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, whilst you can choose between electric and manual operation. So you do get plenty of different variations with all of these types.

Adding security to your garage with CCTV

With CCTV cameras in place, you can drastically improve home security, and one of the places that requires maximum protection is the garage.

Garages can be home to all kinds of expensive equipment, from cars to lawnmowers, motorbikes and bicycles, and keeping everything nicely protected makes perfect sense. Even some of the highest quality garage doors can have their weaknesses, so the next step for protection is making sure you’re doing everything you possibly can to deter a burglar and CCTV can do just that.

Home camera systems are very easy to install and you can now control footage on your smartphone, tuning in and out as you wish, no matter where you are in the world. There are different systems depending on your budget and needs, but no matter what system you choose, if you combine a secure garage with CCTV cameras, you have everything you could possibly need to prevent a burglar breaking in.

Glass Garage Doors for your Home

A garage door not only needs to look good, it needs to stand the test of time and offer maximum security. With that being said, it’s surprising how many glass garage doors there are to choose from these days.

Surely glass is too weak an option for a garage door?

Not always. glass garage doors are often a combination of glass and aluminium, so there is a very good, strong structure in place, but of course these doors are not chosen for their security measures, they’re usually chosen as a way of modernising a home. With many glass garage doors, you get a very elegant style, and it’s a wise option for garages that are used as additional rooms in the house. For example some homes have a contemporary second kitchen or living space in the garage, and by having a glass garage door you get lovely amounts of daylight, whilst there are plenty of operational options from, such as up and over to round the corner and more.

Make your home unique with swing open garage doors

If your homes exterior is looking a little dated, one way you can update its appearance is by changing your garage door.

Old garage doors can make a home look worn out and unattractive, that’s why installing fresh new garage doors is a good idea. There are many different styles of garage doors to choose from, including roller shutter, up and over or swing open.

Swing open garage doors are becoming a new favourite amongst homeowners, the style of swing open door can be made unique in its design, meaning you can stand out from your neighbours. Whilst swing open garage doors are predominantly made out of wood, they can be made with other materials too. A strong wooden structure provides good security to your garage and home. The wooden doors can also include window sections at the top of the door for added style and enhance light entry to the garage.

Timber Garages: Something a little different

Timber garage doors can look clean, minimalistic and modern, yet they can also appear traditional with a fine historic character.

It all depends on the type of design you choose, but there’s no doubt about it, timber garage doors offer a completely different style to standard up and over doors or roller shutters. Timber doors are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and whether you’d like a manual or automatic door, there are options out there. Whether you own a modern 3 bedroom house in the city or a traditional property in the country, a timber door can give your home the finishing touches. With timber you’re guarantee style, strength and durability, and you can of course finish the material how you want, whether that be by oiling it, painting it or applying varnish. We feel timber doors should always have a place on the market, and they’re actually more popular now than they were a few years ago, but that said, they can be expensive.

Choosing a colour for your garage door

If you feel your homes exterior is in need to a makeover, have you considered changing the colour of your garage door? Garage doors that have faded over the years can really make your home look a lot more ‘run down’ than it actually is. A simple ‘lick of paint’ may be all you need to revamp your home back to life.

What colour is best for your garage door?

Garage doors can be painted in a variety of colours, depending on your style. It is recommended that you select a colour that possibly matches your front door, or even your window frame colours. If you are looking to stand out from your neighbours and opt for a bold colour that is eye catching and attractive. When it comes to choosing a colour you must consider the other colours of your house, such as the roof tiles, brick colour and surrounding trees or plants, as the colour you select may clash with these.

How do I prepare my garage door for painting?

You should clean all areas of your door, making it free from drain and grime. Each area must be cleaned thoroughly, with each ridge and section wiped separately. You should leave the door to air dry, once completely dry, lay down your splash sheets and get painting.

Choosing between a roller shutter or sectional garage door for your home

Your garage is an important part of your home, that is why choosing the right garage door may require some extra thought. The two popular choices of garage doors are roller shutter and sectional, but which one is right for your home?

Roller shutter garage doors are usually made up of two aluminium sheets filled with foam, each horizontal sheet is attached to the other at the top and bottom, allowing the door to bend around the roller as it opens. This type of door is a good option if you have a smaller garage space, however it will require more head room compared to other garage door styles. Roller shutter doors can come in a variety of colours and usually have a laminate finish to them. When it comes to choosing a colour, matching with the front door or window frames is recommended as they will complement the door. Roller shutter garage doors can be installed with a manual or electronic opening system; this is an added extra which really depends on the homeowner’s preference.

Sectional garage doors are available in a variety of materials, such as, aluminium, timber or fibreglass panels, this means you have a much wider range of design and colour options available. Sectional doors require more space within the garage to allow for the doors to open, meaning this option is usually only suitable for the larger garages.

Security is an important factor to consider when choosing between these two types of garage doors. A roller shutter door tends to be more secure then the sectional door, due to its structure and locking systems. This said, you could install other security measures to your sectional garage door if you wanted to.

There really is no right or wrong garage door, it really does come down to personal choice. Get your garage door installed by a professional, and select a company that provides you with a warranty.